Escaping the tourist trap - 5 things you missed in Amsterdam


Ah Amsterdam. The classic weekend away that many of us have taken, a short flight takes your right into the heart of Europe’s famous playground of indulgence, yet you may have missed out on what I believe is one of the most rich cultural experiences you can have in Europe.

1 -The Stedelijk

While the Rijksmuseum certainly takes a lot of the spotlight when it comes to Amsterdam’s famous museum scene. The Stedelijk is less than a minute from the famous doors of the Rijksmuseum. It is home to arguably the finest collection of modern art, design and contemporary art in the world. If galleries aren’t normally your thing, fear not, this is far from a stuffy / snobby art space.

The StedelijkPicasso, Dalí, Miró, Cezanne, Van Gogh, they’re all here. Get lost in a vibrant world of exciting and engaging art. This place is far from boring I can promise you that, the building itself is wonderful and getting lost for two or three hours inside is one of the best experiences available in this fine city.


2 - Micropia

Wait, a museum about microbes and micro-organisms… When there is a zoo up the road?

Yes. Micro-organisms. While this sounds moderately disgusting at first or a bit boring, this couldn’t be further from the truth. This museum is truly unique, the first of its kind in the entire world. It is an exciting and informative experience all laid out in a truly engaging way. Rich and colourful displays of bacteria as well as its fair share of interactive fun.

An experience you wont forget in a while, making a light bit of learning so captivating and colourful. It will make you think as well, mainly about upping your hand washing game.

3 - Blijburg-beach

Yes Amsterdam has a beach. The one thing always missing from city breaks, and Amsterdam has one. About 15 minutes on the tramminouhiemstra from the centre of the city, the clean and stone free beech is a great spot to relax and get you away from the city. It overlooks a beautiful lake but truly feels like you’re at the sea-side, the perfect spot to relax and give your feet a little rest.

And yes. There is a bar. And yes at night there are some delightful parties. So pack you B On 1 Patches for this one.


4 - De Baarsjes

De Baarsjes is one the most the multicultural and exciting neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. A go to destination for anyone with a love of Turkish, Moroccan and many other culinary delights. Over the last few years the neighbourhood has attracted a young and creative crowd opening small businesses, bars and delicious places to eat. A great place to unwind and have a few drinks and mix with the locals, instead of the tourist heavy hot spots like the red light district.

A young and cool neighbourhood that will make you jealous that it isn’t in your city. Plus at night it is home to some of the finest clubs in the city. Get on down and sample some amazing beers and even better food.

5 - Abraxas

And what kind of guide to Amsterdam doesn’t have a coffee shop thrown in. Abraxas is a friendly spot, with a hippy style wooden décor with great staff and erm… Coffee?

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