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RELAX - 24mg CBD Patch

RELAX - 24mg CBD Patch

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  • 24mg CBD per patch

  • Certified THC Free

  • 24 hour release

  • Peel, Stick, Go

Why use a CBD patch?

This transdermal method delivers the CBD quickly to the local area around the patch. From there, it works its way into the bloodstream. When people take CBD orally — via an oil or gummy, for example — the compound must first pass through the digestive system. The body may then use it, break it down, or even simply excrete it as waste. As such, much of an oral CBD dose may be lost in the digestive system.

Where should I put my CBD patch?

  • inside of the wrists
  • back of the neck
  • lower back
  • lower thigh, behind the knee
  • inside of the bicep
  • shoulder
  • inside of the ankle


100% Money-Back 30 Day GUARANTEE

Order our smallest pack of 6 Patches, use 1 patch and if you don't like them send the rest back to us and we'll fully refund you! What have you got to lose!?


Why the Patch?

Transdermal delivery allows for small doses to enter directly into the bloodstream as our body needs. This is a much more effective method of delivery for vitamins and nutrients to enter the body as compared to capsules or pills, which must first travel through the digestive system before reaching our blood stream. In addition, about 90% of vitamins and minerals are water soluble, causing them to be immediately excreted from the body after travelling through our digestive system and are therefore wasted. Plus, who wants to carry around a bottle of pills?

Do you deliver World Wide?

We currently deliver to all countries within the EU. If you are interested in bringing the B On 1 Patch to your country and would like to stock or become a distributor feel free to contact us, we're always keen to expand!

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