5 Essentials For Your Summer Holiday

Travel Essentials

Are you about to jet off to somewhere sunny? Then you are likely to be thinking about all the things you need to bring with you, from what you’re going to wear, to your suncream and how many euros you need to exchange.

There are a couple of things however, that might have not crossed your mind when packing so we are going to enlighten you with them in this article to help you have a better holiday experience!

1. Hangover Prevention

So perhaps you have planned your parties night by night, and maybe even what you’re going to be drinking, but have you planned how to deal with your hangovers? Whether you are a sufferer or not, drinking alcohol always leaves some sort of an after effect, whether you feel less energy, more tired, or completely paralyzed. No matter which way you suffer, there is an option which can help you eliminate it altogether, and that is through the use of a simple vitamin patch.

Simply place these patches on to your arm before a night of drinking, and the next day you'll feel great and ready for your next adventure… it really is that easy!

beers on the beach


2. Pain Killers

Often when it comes to packing, many of us are so busy planning our outfits and making sure we have enough toiletries, that we forget to add any pain relief. Whether you’re suffered sunstroke symptoms, or stood on something in the sea, a good pain killer can be a lifesaver in times of need. Not only this, they can be expensive overseas and depending on where you are going, sometimes it can be difficult to even find a simple paracetamol in the pharmacies, or lack of them.


3. Antihistamines

Another must-have is antihistamines. You may not even suffer from any allergies back home, but there’s no saying that you won’t start once you’re out there. With a totally different climate, and possibly higher pollen levels, your allergies might rise to the surface and there’s nothing worse than having itchy eyes and sunburn before a night out - better to be safe than sorry.

Hayfever flowers


4. Insect Spray and Bite Remedy

Another ESSENTIAL is insect repellent as well as after bite remedy. The repellent stops insects from being attracted to you, while an after bite remedy will help soothe any bites that you already have. Some people don’t have to worry about being bitten from the likes of mosquitoes but there are some who do, and the last thing you want is ugly bites ruining your holiday photos! Similar to the antihistamines, finding insect sprays abroad may be both expensive and difficult depending on your location, so don’t be left without.


5. A Good After-sun

Finally, if you want to avoid the lobster look, invest in good quality after-sun. The best creams are known to include aloe vera and are favoured for their cooling effects. By popping them in your hotel or Airbnb’s fridge, you can improve their effectiveness, and feel so refreshed after a shower. Forgetting it may leave you with drier skin after being in the sun all day, and may even lead to wrinkles!

after sun


Are You Holiday Ready?

One final recommendation when on holiday is to drink more water! Especially in the heat, you will certainly need more to keep your energy levels high, and avoid dehydration.

We hope this article has given you some extra ideas of some holiday essentials to add to your case before you leave, and guarantee you will be better off having these items with you.


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