2019 the Year You Drink More Water - 5 Proven Benefits to Motivate You!

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Have you ever noticed how much better you feel on holiday, when in the sun? If you think back to your last time abroad, would you say you drank a lot of water throughout the day? Perhaps to keep cool?

Well, maybe the sun wasn’t the only factor that contributed to you feeling so good, as research shows that drinking more water throughout the day leads to higher levels of happiness, as you keep your body replenished, and therefore as a result feel more energised.

Many people have heard the standard, ‘drink eight glasses a day’ yet perhaps don’t really feel motivated to drink that much water in a day unless they are sweating and feel like they are struggling. However, that extra water you drink in the heat would be just as helpful in your everyday life.

We are going to freshen up your inspiration showing five reasons why drinking more water can improve your life and help you feel great!

1 - Increased Energy

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When you aren’t drinking enough water, you are likely to feel sluggish and less motivated to do things. Dehydration is common among many people, and the most natural remedy is fortunately always available to us, and that’s merely to drink more water. It dramatically improves energy levels, helping you to feel more awake, and less lazy.

2 - Decreased Headaches & Increased Brain Power!

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Do you suffer from headaches? Often they can be caused by not drinking enough water, as your brain shrinks when it doesn’t have the right amount of fluid, which leads to the pain.

Drinking more water helps to keep your brain healthy, and at the same time increases brain power overall! Since your brain is made up of 73% water, drinking more of it helps you concentrate clearer, focus better and stay more alert.

3 - Boosted Immune System

One of the most overlooked benefits of drinking more water is a healthy immune system. Drinking more water is known to make it stronger in two ways: It flushes harmful toxins out of your body and carries oxygen to your body’s cells, which allow your system to function well.

If you are prone to getting colds or flu, then perhaps drinking a bit more water will help flush them away altogether.

4 - Better Mood 

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Science has shown that when your body is lacking in water, it can also affect your mind, making you feel slightly moody. When your body is hydrated correctly; however, your systems and organs will run better, and in turn, help increase how you feel too! This is also why we feel so good in the heat as we are continually replenishing our bodies, and this results in a better, energetic mood.

5 - Improved Hangovers

Another favoured benefit of drinking more water is that it takes the edge of a hangover. Alcohol consumption leads to dehydration, so if you want to be able to survive the day after your night of drinking, then sneak some water in between your beverages, as well as before you go to sleep. Also, if you’re planning a night out don’t forget to use one of our very own B On 1 Patches!

Are you keen to enjoy the benefits of drinking more water?

If you would like to incorporate more water into your life this year, why not do it in the healthiest way possible? We offer unique glass drinking bottles which are completely chemical free and help preserve the environment at the same time!

Hopefully, some of these benefits have given you a little inspiration to drink more water, and you will be on your way to a healthier, more energised version of you soon!

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