You Vs The Mirror. Tracking Progress.

 Now this post applies to all kinds of training. What ever your goal you need to be tracking progress in the correct way. It may seem really simple but the fact is a lot of people go about tracking progress in the wrong way!

Wanting to look better in your bikini? Why are you a slave to the weighing scale? Doesn’t really make sense does it.

Loosing weight? Why are you looking in the mirror every single day and taking progress pictures.

I could go on and on. People tend to overcomplicate things. Clarity and the correct focus not only makes things simple but it also wont damage your motivation. If you’ve lost 3 pounds in however many weeks, I hate to break it to you, looking in the mirror may make you think otherwise. But the scales will let you know! The reason for this is that if you’re staring and inspecting in the mirror every single day you’re far less likely to notice the progress.

Boil your target down to facts. A lot of people may say ‘oh I’d like to weigh less so I fit in this dress or shirt better’, this is a cosmetic goal at the end of the day. Weight loss may be involved in achieving this, but at the same time it might not. Using this case as an example, you should be using the mirror not the scale, slip into what your looking to look better in and have a look in the mirror and take a picture. Then at intervals of weeks do the exact same thing (please don’t do it every day, that’s a one way ticket to loosing your motivation).

To start with this approach may be uncomfortable, but use that feeling as motivation aswell! Don’t dwell on it, next time your thinking about skipping out on the gym or that run just remember that feeling. Use the negative and turn it into something far more powerful, what ever it is your trying to do I promise you that you can do it!

Long story short. If you don’t already, establish your goal, then you need to figure out the best and correct way of tracking it. Then stick to it. Simple right? If your loosing weight, use the scales as gospel. Want to look better or leaner? Use the same mirror and lighting and take photographs! You don’t have to share them with the world but if you want to, make sure you do it with pride!

We here at B On 1 want to see you smash your goals and live the life you want to live, keep at it and if any of these posts help you then let us know, spread the word and keep working hard so you can enjoy those nights out! (Just remember to patch up guys, it wont help your goals but it’ll help the head in the morning!) Peace and love as always.

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