5 Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Thank You For!

wedding favours

When it comes to planning a wedding there are many things to consider, and not only for those who are tying the knot.

Wedding guests may bring a special gift for the newly weds, but what about the family and guests? In order to keep them happy on the big day too, it’s always nice to leave them a little something to show they are appreciated.

Wedding favours are a popular extra that many couples give to their guests on their wedding day, and they are something which guests are thankful for. Many people are known to give out the standard sugar coated almonds, or candles, but that’s simply traditional!

We think it’s much better to give something that’s useful – and with that being said, we are going to give you some wedding favour inspiration in this article, as we show you five things your wedding guests are guaranteed to thank you for.


1. A Locally-Sourced Favour

local wedding favour

Depending on the location of your wedding, why not offer a traditional gift in relation to the location? This gives your guests the chance to enjoy something a bit more unique that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to try. Perhaps you are getting married in a Scottish castle for example? Some haggis or mini whiskeys might be a fun gift!

2. Mini Champagne Bottles

mini champagne bottles

If you want to keep the party going after your wedding, then why not give your guests the gift of bubbles? Perhaps your favourite brand of bubbly, or a personalised bottle to suit each guest? Another fun alternative could be mini wine bottles, beer as well as coffee.

3. B On 1 Vitamin Patches

b on 1 patch wedding favour

Before the mini-champagne, your guests may benefit from this next wedding favour.

Your guests are most likely to be drinking at your wedding too right? Well if you want to help them out the next day, offer them something that they will definitely make use of! B On 1 Patches are the perfect gift to help with the morning recovery, and will definitely improve your guests moods the following day, and even the next party they attend if you gift them with a few patches. Get them to put one on before they start drinking and they will be sure to thank you!

4. Doughnuts

wedding doughnuts

A sweet treat is always a good idea as it is bound to be enjoyed! It might even be a good idea to help cure any post wedding hangover cravings! Doughnuts can be made especially for the event, otherwise if you are a dab hand at baking, why not make your own personalised doughnuts for each guest?

5. Welcome Bags

wedding gift bag

Perhaps you want to stand out from the traditional wedding favours, and offer a welcome bag to your guests instead? This way you can offer your guests a little variety of goodies rather than focusing on just one or two. You could even include some of the things mentioned above.

Do you want to offer your guests the best wedding favours possible?

If you want to gift your guests with a great wedding favour experience, then we hope that these five ideas we have presented in this article has given you some different things to consider! Sticking to basic wedding favours is out, and spicing it up with your own special touch is definitely recommended!

Comment below with the best wedding favour you have received or one you would like to receive.

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