Top 5 Festival Essentials

Ready to hop from music festival to music festival all summer long? If yes, you're not alone! Just like you, many folks out there are ready to get totally immersed in the wild fun that comes with the festival season. For the most part, now is the time to gather your best buddies, get a few festival tickets and of course, spend the whole weekend seeing your favourite acts and dancing the night away.

But wait; are you really prepared to make it through the weekend? Do you have everything you need to survive the exhilarating festival experience? Yes, no? Whichever the case may be, you should be aware that there are quite a few festival essentials you wouldn't want to forget when heading out of the house. Whether it's Reading Festival, Isle of White or Wireless Festival, If you’ve done it before you’ll know, surviving a festival goes beyond putting up a tent and having a blast with friends.

That said, here are 5 festival essentials that you absolutely can't go without this year.

1 - Cross Body Bag

For starters, get a small cross body bag for your festival adventures this season. In fact, they are must-have especially if you're looking to take your phone, wallet, and charger along with you. The great thing is, these bags come in a variety of styles that you're sure to love, and you can rest easy knowing that your hands will be free for dancing, taking photos and holding your beer! What's more, a cross body bag makes it virtually impossible to lose your stuff since it always around your waist — it's a win-win.

festival bag

2 - Hangover Patch — Stick with B On 1!

Speaking of beer, there's a good chance that you or your friends will be enjoying a few and of course, you don’t want to miss your favourite act just because you don’t feel so great. That said, slap on a B On 1 Patch before your first drink and you’ll be good to go! Essentially, our B On 1 Patch contains 75 milligrams of Vitamin B1 making it an all-natural solution that works with your body to cope with alcohol consumption. For best results, we recommend you apply the patch 30 minutes before drinking and leave it on for the next 24 hours. Trust us, your body will thank you in the morning!

b on 1 patch festival b on 1 patch festival 2 b on 1 patch festival 3

3 - Super Comfortable Shoes

Here's the thing; music festivals are usually crowded and of course, there's a good chance that people are going to be stepping all over you. With that in mind, it's incredibly important to take your time to pick a footwear that's comfortable and festival-friendly. As you probably guessed, your stylish sandals, heels or favorite trainers won't cut it here. You're better off with closed-toe shoes or your trusted pair of Converse. The bottom line; just pick something that's comfortable enough for a day chock full of walking, standing, and stepping.

4 - Sunglasses

Now, it's not just about fashion, quality sunglasses can protect your eyes from the sun and that's huge. You could also pack sunscreen and a pretty hat. All in all, don't forget to get one (or even three) if your festival is lucky enough to be graced with the goodness of the sun. I feel a bit like this is something your mum would tell you but you know she’s right!


5 - Wet Wipes

Finally, bring a pack of wet wipes along with you. As you probably guessed, wet wipes are great for everything from feeling clean and refreshed after using the bathroom to wiping dirty hands and muddy legs — pretty sure you get the point!

And that's it! These are our top 5 festival essentials you wouldn't want to ignore when heading out of the house. Of course, we're pretty sure you know that there are other things to pack (say refillable water bottles, snacks, ponchos and ear plugs) and you can find all of these on our Pinterest board dedicated to festivals. Here's to a super fun festival experience!

Comment below with your favourite festival essentials.

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