Sipping and Spinning - September Guide

This is a monthly round up of music and culture. Sorting out your dinner party small talk, all whilst having your back for when the dreaded aux cable is passed!

New and exciting music, films, books and just generally what we’re loving here at B On 1 HQ.

sipping and spinning

!!! – Shake The Shudder

Funky party sensations ‘!!!’ are back with a new collection of beats to get your hips moving. An album full of party grooves and synths that will keep you going early into the morning. All this combined with the deep bass that cuts through speakers, !!! are on a mission to get you movin’.

'!!!' come from the fine folks over at Warp records (one of Sheffield’s finest exports), and for the last two decades they have been providing some of the most fun and infectious party tunes and their latest output is no different.

A great soundtrack to pre-drinks to get everyone up of the sofa or the dreaded spin bike, let the grove flow through and push you through.

Oh Sees – Orc

This one is for all you guitar heroes out there. Orc grabs you quickly and takes you on a mind-bending ride through the galaxy. A glam-rock inspired vocal delivery takes you deeper into the madness, don’t fight it, let it take you on a full-blooded rollercoaster ride to rock and roll’s outer edges!

Play it loud in the gym or on those Sunday afternoon air guitar sessions. Be warned, this one needs to be played at 11.

Don Leisure – Shaboo

A true instrumental gem that might have flown under your radar, but we forgive you. Shaboo is one of the finest hip hop albums of 2017 so far. Smooth, silky, chilled out and so cool that if your head isn’t nodding along after about ten minutes there may be something wrong…

This album is such a great soundtrack for those last ditch attempts at BBQ’s but at its heart this is a road album. Driving through the night with Don Leisure providing the soundtrack is a treat. Inspired by classic hip hop beats, Shaboo takes you on a wonderful journey of soul samples with an eastern twist.  

Ya dig?

Glow – Netflix

Say hello to Netflix’s latest binge worthy show. Coming from the fine folks who made Orange is the New Black, you already know what your in for, prepare to fall in love. Glow is the story of a rag tag bunch of ladies and their journey into the (not so) glitzy world of professional wrestling in the 1980’s.

The charming and talented Allison Brie (Mad Men and Community) takes the lead as a down on her luck actress looking for a break. Brie takes this familiar sounding character and injects a human element that we can all connect with, and by a few episodes in you’ll be rooting for her despite her bellow par decision making skills. Like Orange is the New Black, the supporting characters and hilarious script will keep you coming back for more. Balancing the comedy and drama perfectly in a very believable 1980’s LA backdrop, Glow is textbook good TV.

Yes Netflix. I am STILL watching.


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