Sipping and Spinning - 5 picks for your listening pleasure in October

The Verve - Urban Hymes 

Kicking off with a re release here, its been twenty years since this album came out and it sounds timeless and as relevant as the day it was released. A true great of the Brit-Pop era. The Verve knocked it out of the park with the certified classic Bittersweet Symphony as the main single from this album, but you owe it to yourself to check out the rest of the project. The Drugs Don’t Work and Velvet Morning are two tracks I must admit I forgot about but now are on heavy rotation. Whack on the headphones and blast the album loud.

Bittersweet Symphony is a song to be played whilst walking down the busiest part of whichever city you live in, surround yourself in humanity and let yourself soak it all in. Ditch ‘As You Were’ and take a step back in time to when the English were the kings of rock and roll.


Tricky - Ununiform

Trip hop legend returns to form. One of the founders of massive attack is still kicking about and after his early very dark work, he is back with a twist. He is now exploring happiness and contempt… Exploring his acceptance of death and the future. Martina Topley-Bird returns to deliver some of her angelic vocals. If you haven’t dived into Trickys world before then look no further than Ununiform as a jumping on point, then go back to Maxinquaye and see why us music dorks call bands like the XX a post tricky act… A pioneer and a true legend. Best of all, he’s still got it.


Mount Kimbie – Love what Survives

Mount Kimbie is a hard group to describe. An electronic group formed in the ashes of the dubstep movement, no ‘brutal’ drops but catchy hooks a plenty with a DIY feel. The DIY feel gives it its heart with a sound and style which makes you wonder if these guys are just working on a Macbook in their mothers basement. With a couple collaborations with James Blake this album is spacious and ambient but still has heart and soul. Check it late at night whilst running or studying or whatever else you guys get up too… Ditch the money grabbing LCD Soundsytem reunion and support a young exciting British electronic act.


Kojay Radical – In Gods Body

If you haven’t heard of Kojay Radical, you will soon enough. This kid is the future. Young, confident, talented and an artistic vision that is severely lacking in the British hip-hop. Socially conscious without being preachy whilst still being the kind of hip hop that sounds great coming out of your car sound system. In the link bellow is his epic Gallons, give that a listen then seek out his other works and grab yourself a ticket to his live show. After seeing the energy and passion live I am fully on board the hype train.

Big Mouth – Netflix 

Another month another bit of essential viewing coming from Netflix. Big Mouth follows a group of young friends all on the verge of becoming an adult. The series tackles issues of sex, relationships and puberty with heart but also belly aching laughs. Almost like an animated Superbad but with a little more and some incredible messages. The kids hormones manifest themselves into some of the most hilarious animated characters I have ever seen, with laugh out moments coming every few minutes. This show is an absolute treat that deals with real issues that face youngsters without being heavy handed and at the expense of humor. One of the few shows that also explore a young girls journey instead of just the boys and their dirty thoughts. Be warned there is only ten episodes but each are essential viewing. The episode ‘Head Pusher’ delivers a powerful message whilst still being arguably the funniest episode.

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