Why Being Single on Valentine’s Day Has Its Perks

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Cue Justin’ Bieber’s Love yourself. When it comes to being single on Valentine’s day, it can make us singletons feel a little, well left out, just ever so slightly.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom being single even though society makes it out to be. Most of the time, being single is not that bad at all, but when couple appreciation days like Valentine’s day’s come around, for a few single hearts out there, it might strike a lonely chord or two.

But this article aims to share the positives of being single on Valentine’s day! So where do we begin? Let’s give you some reminders of why being single has its advantages!

Extra Money to Spend on Yourself

treat yourself

Not going out on a date? - No problem. This means you won’t have to splash out just because society says so. That extra money saved can be put towards something you really want, like a trip somewhere new, or even a new outfit perhaps?

Less Chance of Disappointment


Let’s be honest, everyone sets their expectations so high for Valentine’s Day, and in the end may even force the romance altogether. This leads to more of an awkward event never mind a romantic one, and perhaps also slightly boring. Real romance cannot be forced, therefore if you are single, you need not worry as you will be the only one to disappoint yourself, never mind someone else. Who wants a fake date anyway?

No Need to Impress

no need to impress

Sometimes in relationships, people feel like they have to work to impress their other half 24/7 to keep them interested. With Instagram added to the mix, competition to be the ‘best couple ever’, has never been higher.

Again you can just sit back, chill and be completely couple stress-free! You might see some fellow singletons posting things like “Sipping my wine and watching Netflix alone because I can” “#independant” when in actual fact they seem quite insecure.

You, however, don’t need to post such things or try and impress anyone this Valentine’s day but yourself. Eaten a full box of chocolates in one night? Now that’s impressive!

Freedom to Date Whoever


If you fancy a date or three, you can do precisely that! And why not on Valentine’s Day?

Not being tied down provides a whole lot more freedom, and dating is healthy. So why not take the bull by the horns and date until your heart’s content? Maybe ask out that worker at Starbucks you think's cute? After all ‘love is in the air’ on Valentine’s Day.

More You Time

you time

Being single gives you all the time in the world to focus on you and what you really want to do in life. Relationships, (often the ones that aren’t right), can take a lot of time and energy which sometimes make life difficult. Just think there will be many partners out there this Valentine's day who might even be wishing they were back in their single shoes…

Have More Fun Partying

party time

Another perk is nights out. Why not enjoy a night out with friends on Valentine’s day and celebrate your single life with others in the same boat? Being single makes partying a lot more fun. It can equally be fun in a relationship too, but when you are single, you can definitely spend more time flirting than texting bae when you will be getting your taxi home.

One thing you can say for sure this Valentine’s day is at least you still have time to really find out who is partner material and who’s not!

So yes! Don’t forget single life does have many perks. You may even enjoy it so much you'll want to remain single forever, and if that is the case, that’s absolutely fine.

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