Relax. 3 Apps to help your stress levels and mental health

It’s a crazy world we live in. Its very easy to let everything get on top of you and life can often feel like a balancing act. For those of us out there who can often feel overly stressed or a bit down in the dumps, here is three of the apps I have found very useful and do not require huge amounts of effort.


Feeling stressed? Have you ever tried doing nothing?

This website is such a clever little creation. And it’s pretty simple, you go on there and you do nothing but listen to some calming waves and sit (or stand) still for two minutes. A move of the mouse, an attempt to scroll or open an app will restart the timer. Its purpose is simple, to make you stop what your doing and just centre yourself and refocus. It has helped me many times when writing or editing a video when the stress is mounting and is not going away.

You may think it sounds too simple to work or just stupid, but just give it a try and let us know how it felt. So next time you get to work and your email inbox is full of problems just click the link above before you get started. Its only two minutes, trust me, all those ‘urgent’ emails can wait two minutes.


Headspace is guided mediation app for your phone, with millions of users that range from Wall Street brokers to Olympic athletes. If you feel like you’re not the kind of person who will like meditation then this is definitely the app for you. It gently guides you through breathing lessons and basic meditation principles without having to put on hemp trousers and become a star child. It is basic and easy to follow but this is its strength, its no nonsense and you track your progressions and minutes mediating easily.

I have used Headspace every day for the past year and it quickly became one of my favourite parts of the day, something I look forward to after particularly stressful days. For those of you who have not tried this already I really cannot recommend it enough. The same goes for the people who maybe have tried it before and maybe have fallen off. Meditation is not like a physical exercise where progress can be seen in the mirror or on the scale, you might not even notice the clarity and stress management that comes from it, but please give it a go, your heart and mind will thank you later.

What’s Up  

What’s Up is an app design to assist people who are suffering from any kind of mood disorder. It utilises CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) techniques aswell as multiple features including; education about common thinking errors and various healthier alternatives; breathing techniques for relaxation; a guided grounding exercise and a log for tracking “good” and “bad” habits. As you could be putting information on there that is very private you can protect the app with a password and has no options for sharing data what so ever. The app is a very useful resource for anyone seeking information in regards to mental health issues.

If you try any of these apps and websites please get in touch and give your thoughts! We thank you as always for reading and if you enjoy our content we would really appreciate you giving it a share!

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