Meet the B On 1 team. Harry’s fitness journey.

 So I’m sure you’ve read some of my ramblings by now, and today I get to ramble about my two favourite things. Fitness and myself. 


In this new series of posts we’re going to practice what we preach for once, giving you a little insight into the team and what fitness means to us individually. What kind of exercise we do, why we do it and generally just talk about ourselves.


My fitness journey began long ago when I was a dashing young lad. It took awhile for me to get off the sofa and the security of my room to get fit, I was severely lacking in confidence and never was naturally gifted at anything athletic. But one thing I was always a big fan of was hard work, spending time to better myself normally consisted of hitting the books and internet to find more and more. When I finally got myself a membership to a gym it all changed very quickly. (Don’t worry, still hitting the books, just got bigger words in now)


I started off focused on fitness and weight training. Never really knowing what I’m doing but loved every minute. Once I had my headphones in and got lost in the music I never felt self-conscious, to be honest I never even noticed the other people in the gym. I was blissfully unaware of everyone. After a short space of time I decided to start doing my research, giving myself focus because its pretty simple, the more focused approach, the better the results. Once those beginner ‘gains’ started rolling in, then the confidence came but without the ego.


It was always a selfish endeavor, I never really thought about how other people thought I looked. The only opinion I valued was my own and if I was comfortable in my own skin.


As the weeks turned into months, months into years, I never lost focus. I was in love with the process. It’s the simplest game in the world, upon finding that hard work actually pays off, I couldn’t stop. It’s simple but served as a great life lesson to me, giving me a relentless work ethic. I am thankful that I started when I did as a young teenager, eating good and constantly working on my fitness never took away from my social life. It became a habit, beyond just routine.


Having gotten lost in it for a number of years, the ‘grind’ became nothing, its just second nature. I am one of those annoying guys who will put in 110% into everything I do, especially work.


No matter what, every single day I have to get a sweat on. Even to this day. Its not that I HAVE to do it, I just do it (please don’t sue). Its part of my life and I feel like 40 years from now I'll be thanking myself. I’m not a golf fan really, so as a retired old man I’d love to still be able to play tennis at a decent standard. It’s a long term project, I’m only just getting started.


Thanks for reading as usual, next time we’ll get a little insight into our glorious leader Matthew Smart. If you love any of our content please give it a share and as always be sure to check out our store. See you next time.

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