Looking after your body and your soul. 8 tips for a healthy mind.

Exercise definitely does have therapeutic aspects yes. It’s a great way to escape the real world or distract yourself from work.


Fitting exercise and a healthy lifestyle in around a busy work schedule is difficult. It’s a problem we all encounter as we find ourselves working hard to keep up a level of fitness whilst still achieving in the working world. But in and amongst all this, we can never forget about our mind and the work it goes through each and every day. People say we only have one body in life so we need to look after it, which I do agree with to an extent. Yet finding ways of giving your mind a rest isn’t at the top of most peoples priorities list.

Here at B On1 we believe mental health is almost more important as your physical well being, these are our tips on how to keep your mind as healthy as your body.

     1.  Yoga

Along with the increased flexibility and strength benefits, Yoga is more than just a gimmick or trend. It can help with the management of stress and breathing, aswell as respiration in general. I personally have felt many benefits from incorporating Yoga in my life including a sharpened concentration and helping me relive myself from stress patterns that have plagued my life.

  1. Head to bed an hour earlier.

This one is a simple one, were not all Margret Thatcher and I definitely don’t function at my best with four hours sleep. Everyone’s body works differently yes, but try giving yourself some more time truly resting and feel the difference over time.

  1. Get Fishy.

Fish is a low fat, high quality protein source. And the effects of fish oil have been well researched and documented. Showing that consumption of fish in a healthy diet aids brain function aswell as helps the heart by lowering blood pressure and the risks associated.

  1. Seeing family and friends.

Taking time out and spending your free time with those you love is key in my opinion. I love spending time on own yes, but making time for your loved ones is a selfless endeavour remember. You rely on these people when you have problems even when you do not directly address it, they do the exact same. Remember that before canceling on them, they may want to chat and escape their own problems, keep your social circle strong by looking after each other just by doing something as easy as going for coffee.

  1. Read and immerse yourself in what inspires you.

Whether it is people in your line of work, athletes you admire or artists. Take some time out from the Facebook feed and learn more about the people you look up to, whoever they may be. It’s not dangerous to dream, let yourself be inspired in a positive way. Be in awe of something, and then think how you want to incorporate this into your life. Dream big.

  1. Unplug from technology every so often.

Just do it. Remember how it feels to go on your favourite walk without your earphones in. Ditch the twitter for a day, you’re not missing anything. I wont go on and on about our sometimes unhealthy obsession with technology. Just remember it can never give you the same feeling as raindrops on your face, snow under your boot, a cool sea breeze, the heat of the sun on your skin, whatever sensation you love, it beat likes and all that jazz every time. Live your life in real life, not through the way you choose to carefully portray your it on Instagram. Next time you see a sun set, don’t take a picture. Just enjoy it, that’s the first step.

  1. Hydration

Your body is made up of two-thirds water, its responsible for so much in your body and you already know why you need to be drinking more of it. So fill up your lovely glass bottle from B On 1 and get to it. You already know why you should, so get to it.  

  1. The power of positivity.

You don’t have to outwardly project it onto everyone you come into contact with if you don’t want. But try being an optimist for once, think how you can achieve something special instead of why you cant do it. Try it for yourself, make a considered effort to simply be more positive, and after awhile you’ll feel it, a negative outlook on life is unhealthy. Just remember that you are special. There is no official number on this so sorry in advance, but it has been estimated that the probability of you being born is around one in 400 trillion… If that doesn’t make you feel special, I don’t know what will. 

Thanks as always team, don’t remember to give this a share if you liked it and to keep checking back for all the latest content we work hard to provide for you beautiful people. Namaste.

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