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B On 1 Earth Day 2018

April 22nd is officially Earth Day, celebrated all over the world in aid of showing support for environmental protection.

Each earth day brings a new topic to light every year, in order to share and spread awareness to people of important issues, that are affecting us all. Last year’s theme was ‘Environmental & Climate Literacy’, helping to address the drastic issues of climate change. This year’s Earth day however, is dedicated to a more pressing issue which we are noticing a lot more, and that is the plastic pollution problem, which in recent times has started to become increasingly worse. More than 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in our oceans every year (The Container Recycling Institute) and there are known to be around 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste on Earth…


It makes you start to think what you can do to help the world, and if you care about the future of the planet, then beginning with this article is a good start ;) Keeping to this Earth day’s theme, we are showing you three simple ways you can decrease your plastic consumption, so that you can begin making a difference (and feel good about it!)


1 – Buy loose fruit & veg, rather than packaged

veg plastic

You may have noticed the increase in people and their hate of buying plastics. What about you? Why not try buying your healthy goods in their natural form, rather than in plastic packaging. There is literally no need for that extra plastic anyway when you think about it, and the benefit is that fruit and vegetables are likely a lot cheaper without it.


#2 Use your own bag

no plastic bag

Luckily cheap cloth bags will not break the bank, the best thing you could do is bring your own bags as much as possible when it comes to shopping, rather than choosing plastic ones and even paying for them.


#3 Stop buying bottled water 

plastic bottle pollution

Nowadays we can easily take our own bottle, yet we choose to buy one when we are out and about out of laziness. Ok sometimes it’s easy to forget, but taking your own bottle, even better a non-plastic bottle will not only save you some pennies, but also help to decrease the plastic problem altogether. Not only are plastic bottles bad for the environment, but bad for your health too… various studies have shown when drinking from plastic bottles, the plastic can actually release chemicals and dioxins into the water, which in the worst case scenario can cause cancer.


Uncomfortable thought right? If you want to start reducing your plastic consumption, then starting with simple everyday alternatives can be easy, such as our unique reusable glass water bottle which is healthy and environmentally friendly!

reusable water bottle

Taking little steps such as this one, you would save at least 480 bottles of plastic per year (UK Household average) going into the environment, which is a lot…

So there you have it, a few tiny steps that you can follow to make the world a better place. Hopefully this Earth day you can make a start at trying to make a difference, not only for yourself, but for the planet.


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