5 Vegan Beers you need to try

With egg whites in cocktails, fish biproduct and animal rind in beers and bulls blood in wine, a lot of the most popular drinks out there are not vegan. 

This guide is not just for vegans however, with more and more breweries out there shifting towards vegan methods its a great time to jump on the bandwagon early. As well as being cruelty free, these beers are delicious, take a peak at the beers bellow and next time you see one on tap or in the fridge, take the plunge and see what all the hype is about! Just make sure you patch up or the next morning will be a complete write off...

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Shindigger Brewing - Mango Unchained

For those who have not heard of Shindigger yet, you will very soon. A few years ago two students living in Manchester invested their pennies into a home brewery kit and within four years their creations have been featured in The Guardian, Vice and many other fine publications. With a mango and pineapple blend this is one tasty beverage that Shindigger describe as 'if Rubicon made a beer'... Its hard to come up with a description better than this, its tasty, fruity and dangerously moreish. An all round winner plus your supporting local business so you get extra points for being a great person.

Runaway Brewery - ESB / Gingerbread Stout 

Another Manchester brewery making waves on the beer scene so I am slightly biased (not my fault I live in the second greatest city in the world, Sheffield takes the top spot obvs), but ESB is no joke. Runaways take on a old school Bitter. It'll put hairs on your chest for sure. A complex little number with a distinctive black treacle and toffee flavour with some dried fruit tones thrown in there for good measure. A sure fire hit for those upcoming dark winter nights, full of flavour and perfect for when you get into the pub and take the layers off if your not sold on the first sip then I don't really know what to say. 

Speaking of seasonal taste sensations, those fine fellows over at Runaway Brewery have another treat up their sleeves. I have only just had a taste of the Gingerbread Stout but I'm in love already. In fact as I write this I may or may not be sipping on one listening to the Manchester rain crash down. A rich twist on your average stout, with a whole bunch of cinnamon and ginger thrown in there, this ain't your granddads typical stout. A great example of the traditional British malt and its fantastic timeless flavour. Long story short, Runaway Brewery have got your back for Christmas pub sessions. 

Cloudwater - Catch my eye

Cloudwater's collaboration with Jester King, this hoppy delight is low in strength but high in flavour. Don't let the low strength put you off, frankly its a welcome change in my eyes! Cloudwater have been on fire as of late, picking up the MEN Brewery of the year award in 2017, an impressive feat considering some of the brilliant beer coming out of this neck of the woods as of late. If you have yet to try Catch My Eye, then you really should, it's a fine pale ale and as a matter of fact check out the rest of Cloudwater's range! They're far more than just some of the coolest can designs out there, but yeah they do look really cool as well as a bonus. 

Moor Brewery - Return of the Empire

A light and delicious IPA, a perfect beverage for those autumnal evenings in the pub. There is a real fruity taste when you first have a swig with a strong and developed aftertaste that'll pack a delightful punch. One bartender pointed out the almost Parma Violet aroma you get when you crack open a can, my personal favourite on the list, get behind this Bristol based brewery and drink moor beer! (Stolen from their bold yet classic design on the can, couldn't help it.)


The point of this little piece was to turn people onto some of the great vegan beers out there but as my ramblings have unfolded this is more of a quick insight to some great beers out on the scene. More beer based ramblings coming soon, and some other things for you spirit fans so stay tuned. Patch up, share this article, join us on whichever social media that takes your fancy, or just all of them. But most importantly go out there and check out some of these great beers!


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