6 Tasty Halloween Cocktails You Need to Try This Year

It’s October, which means Halloween is almost upon us. This means it is time to decide what crazy Halloween costume you are going to wear, but have you also thought about what you are going to drink?

Halloween cocktails are gaining more and more of a hype, and we want to share some of the best ones with you, so not only will your outfit choice turn heads but your drink too! You'll want to stick a B On 1 Patch on before testing these out as well so you don't feel like something out of Walking Dead in the morning!


1. Jekyll & Gin Glowing Cocktails

 Jekyll Gin glowing cocktail

If you want to drink something a little bit funky then this drink is the perfect one! this is also a drink for all the gin lovers out there. A Jekyll & Gin is basically a spiced up gin and tonic with a touch of grenadine, lemon and a glow stick garnish. This will literally glow your drink in the dark when under black light! 



2. Blood Peach Bellini

 Blood Peach Bellini

This cocktail is made with seasonal blood peaches which have the perfect colour for this drink. Splash in some Campari, grenadine and a little white peach puree, and you have the Blood Peach Bellini. Yes, this might look like your drinking blood, but it is also super delicious at the same time.



3. Pomegranate & Tequila Cocktail

 Pomegranate tequila cocktail

For the margarita lovers out there, this one is for you. Sticking to our blood red Halloween drink theme, this tequila and lime drink is infused with pomegranate syrup which gives it that colour kick. Perfect for a Halloween party, even served up in a classic punch, which is sure to be a hit with party goers.



4. Poisoned Apple Cider

poisoned apple cider

Forget dunking for apples when you can dunk this tasty beverage instead! This is the perfect Autumn themed cocktail thanks to the addition of cinnamon, which gives it that rich fiery taste. The mix of Apple Cider and rum makes a great drink for Halloween and is sure to get you in a good party mood.



5. Dark & Stormy Death Punch

Dark stormy punch

From the list, the dark and Stormy is the creepiest looking drink when done right. This is a rum and ginger beer mixed concoction, with the addition of eyeballs which are made of ice cubes with lychee syrup and stuffed brandy cherries. You definitely cannot beat drinking an eyeball cocktail on Halloween.



6. Witch Brew Cocktail

witch brew cocktail 

This Cauldron themed punch looks like it has stepped right out of Hogwarts with its smoky effect from dry ice. This is probably one of the best Halloween themed cocktails thanks to its purple colour and ghostly appearance.



So there you have it! 6 Halloween Cocktails you can try this Halloween. If you are hosting a party then why not make these drinks for your guests, spice it up a bit rather than the usual beer or wine, and give them a Halloween experience they won't forget!

Comment below if you've tried any of these or have a favourite Halloween Cocktail of your own.

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