5 Things to bare in mind when throwing the perfect Halloween party

The most wonderful time of the year, halloween is almost upon us. For those who have agreed to host this years halloween bash and have yet to get planning, we've got your back!

We all know, halloween is one of the heaviest nights of the year so you might need some assistance for the next day, once again, we've got your back. Make sure you head over to our store and use the code 'SPOOKY15' for 15% off your B On 1 Patches and it runs all the way until the 31st of this month!

1. Theme (or not to theme)

In my opinion, a theme is essential, but this isn't my party (Last days of disco, if your feeling like copying me). The positives of having a theme is that your decor and the way you dress up your place can match the outfits easily and create a really fun general ambience. It also breeds a friendly bit of competition, the theme unites how people will dress which creates an instant 'who has the best costume' battle. This competition is at most parties but the even playing-field gives you the chance to genuinely have the best costume!  

There are some downsides as it can take away from the initial wow factor of each individual arrival. Some say this limits the creativity of everyones costume but thats just opinion. This is the first thing you need to consider, make your mind up and let everyone know asap.

2. Decoration 

What makes a halloween easily the funniest party to throw is being in charge of the decor. You can dress up your place stupidly easy, take the family photos down for a night and throw in those coloured light bulbs from B&Q. Red, green and purple lights work brilliantly to create an immediate halloween vibe for the party. Plus this also restricts the lighting so those cheap decorations that are in every cheap shop look a million times better. There is no need to break the bank, use the classic 'less is more' when it comes to halloween. Which also helps out when it comes to the clean operation the next day...

3. Food

I am usually against food at parties, but halloween is the one time where I break my rule. Keep the pumpkin theme going, its not just for decoration and lattes, throw out some pumpkin pie or even go for a pumpkin cheesecake! (Check out our Halloween Pinterest board for more inspiration). Also, for all you booze hounds out there, give the Pumpkin Face Reserve Rum a try. Its rich, sweet and has a spice to it that'll really get the party started.

4. Playlist

Music makes the party. And there is a lot of halloween stuff out there, but come on, the monster mash hasn't got anyone really moving for god knows how long. Curate your perfect party playlist as usual but throw in a few spooky tunes aswell. Depending on your party, think '(Don't fear) the reaper' for the rockers, 'Somebody's watching me' for the dancers, but leave 'Thriller' for later on. Let everyone sink a fair few bevs before going for the tried and tested halloween hits for maximum sing-alongs and bad dance moves.


5. Tell your guests they should've outgrown halloween ten years ago and they should go home... 

Just kidding. And if anyone says anything like this just tell them they're not invited. Same goes for people who turn up without a costume!

Stay safe and enjoy your evening folks, remember to use 'SPOOKY15' for 15% off!

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