Weekend Warriors - 5 of Manchester's Best Night Spots

Manchester is at its finest at night. For any who have not had the pleasure of a night out in Manchester let me be your guide on this wonderful adventure. Patch up, it’s going to be a long night.  

  1. V-Rev

Lets start by grabbing some food. With such a wide variety of spots to grab some food it’s hard just choosing one place. But my current favourite has to be vegan junk food Valhalla, V-Rev. Situated in Manchester’s bustling Northern Quarter, V-Rev serves up a creative and delicious array of burgers, ribs and mac and cheese.

Now, you may think a vegan restaurant wouldn’t be your go to spot for a burger, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Every bite is full of flavour and can bring even the biggest of meat eaters to questioning themselves on how it can taste so good. The bar is stocked with craft beer delights to quench your thirst and with a stylish décor, V-Rev makes for a great start to any evening.

  1. Albert’s Schloss

Still young in the game, but Schloss is already making a big name for itself and is firmly a Friday and Saturday night staple for many living in Manchester. A bohemian pleasure paradise like no other, with live music and DJ’s along with a colourful cast of dancers and characters that prowl through the bustling bar every weekend, adding a lot of heart and charm to a busy bar.

The cocktail menu is extensive and the beer is shipped from the Czech republic every single week. You must try an authentic Pilsner Urquell, served in an ice class topped with a large foamy head. The copper tanks full of this golden delight are on display as you enter and then again above the bar, a truly fresh and tasty pilsner that is dangerously moreish.

Oh and did I forget to mention their unbelievable Sunday roasts, featuring a live gospel choir and a ‘push for gravy’ button…

  1. Jimmies

Opening earlier in 2017, Jimmies is a true throwback, bursting with character and great tunes. A hole in the wall style rock bar, complete with neon signs and a Jack Daniels slushy machine (Yes. A Jack Daniels slushy machine).

On paper it sounds a little dated or cheesy, rock bars are hardly the place to be in 2017, but Jimmies is leading the charge against this opinion. Get on your dancing shoes, your skinniest jeans and spend an hour on your hair so it looks like you just woke up. Rock and roll isn’t dead, it lives on the rainy streets of Manchester, you owe it to yourself to check out one of the coolest places in town and just so I fit it in for the third time, grab yourself a Jack Daniels slushy, please. 

  1. Deaf Institute

Now this venue has been around for a very long time, but its in the midst of a bit of a comeback. Bringing some truly talented artists and DJ’s in very frequently, Deaf is back. Spread across three floors, there’s room to chill out, have a chat over multiple gin and tonics and then the dance floor upstairs. Be on the lookout for nights such as Guess Who (a night where the headline act will be announced that day) and the hip shakin’ juggernauts Disco Illusions who are back to turn your Friday night into a boogie wonderland.

Part of the Mission Mars umbrella of bars and clubs, (Alberts Schloss, Albert Hall, Gorilla, Trof) it seems they are hell bent on domination of Manchester’s nightlife and I’m all for it.

  1. Science and Industry

Tucked away on the second floor of Caine and Grain, Science and Industry is a hidden gem. With some genuinely talented bartenders and attentive waitresses, there are few bars that strike the perfect balance of great drinks, service and style. Science and Industry just takes the cake. Cosy, intimate and a great juke box, if you’re after a spot to unwind and sample some incredible cocktails late into the night, look no further.


There you have it, five of our favourite spots in Manchester right now. If you have any suggestions on places we need to try let us know in the comments! And if you enjoy B On 1’s fresh new content don’t hesitate to give it a share.
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